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Would you like to start a business in Germany?
Have you already set up a business in Germany?
Be part soon of this concept for international women entrepreneurs in Germany!

This is the first nationwide summit of international women entrepreneurs in Germany

Sie Gründet


What we want

Increase the visibility of international women entrepreneurs: Show all the facets of their international business activities and their intercultural diversity.

Promote Germany as a start-up country for female enterprises and further promote the nationwide networking of different stakeholders.

Strengthen the start-up spirit among international women: show self-employment as an excellent option for transferring professional and personal skills in the German market.

We are here to help you


For those women who want to grow their business

Sie gründet


The power of working together

More than 50% of all yearly founded businesses in Germany are founded by migrants. Almost 22% of all self-employed people in Germany do have migration background.
A third of them are female, which comes to the impressive number of 300.000 international female entrepreneurs in Germany! This is who SIE GRÜNDET is for - and for all the women who will follow.


Success stories

SIE gruendet

A summit...

Organised by professionals working in the entrepreneurship field and advising international female entrepreneurs in Germany.

A summit with international speakers who also advise international entrepreneurs in different cities of Germany.

A summit with thematic workshops in 7 different languages.

 Made with passion for YOU! 



Improve the quality of your network with us


We are proud of your business 

Are you a female founder in Germany who was brought up somewhere else?

Then SIE GRÜNDET is for you - and you are not alone! Out of the 1.3 Million self-employed women in Germany, almost 300.000 are migrants.
And where do they come from? From all over the world, of course! Every continent is represented!!
SIE GRÜNDET is bringing them all together – to share, to learn, to network.

Conceptual Minds and Souls


Begoña de la Marta
Nadine Foerster

Supporting Hands and Hearts


Claudia Zuleta
Ramona Lange
Stefanie Kohlmorgen
Stefanie Valcic Manstein
Sera Babakus

Keynote Speaker

Christine Wank

Guest Speakers

Dr. Fabrice Chuembou Pekam
Elzbieta Barwinska-Hohenberger
Julia Plotz
Katarzyna Rogacka-Michels
Hakim Chohbishat
Alicja Möltner

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